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Owner Builders Training


Frequently Asked Questions:
Is the course accredited and monitored by a statutory body?
We are an accredited provider for builders training. Owner builder courses are not associated with VET and are not nationally recognized courses. Whilst not being legally bound by the Australian Quality Training Framework, we are happy to act consistently with the AQTF where relevant and practicable for quality assurance purposes.
We issue a course completion certificate that testifies that the student has satisfied the educational content for the prescribed training under the Home Building Act for issuing of an owner builder permit by the Building Commission.
Our course structure, course material, assessment material and ability to provide appropriate training were developed by BTWA. You will need a White Card, which we can provide.
Do students have a time frame in which to complete the course?
Students start and finish dates of the course are listed on the course timetables on the website.
How long does it take the student to complete the course?
The course has been designed so that an average student can read and understand the course material and complete the assessment in 32 hours. Obviously those with past building experience or building administration knowledge will take significantly less time.
Our course can be completed in a short period of time. Most students will want the qualification immediately and they are often only aware that they need to complete an approved training course when they submit their plans into the council.
What will happen if a student does not understand some of the course material or assessment?
Students have access to training providers who are builders or hold current building qualifications. Students are able to direct their queries to the person
How are students assessed?
Students are required to provide true / false responses, sketch construction details and brief written answers to a series of questions. The assessment questionnaire is available to the student at the time detailed on the Assessment Plan  (at the end of the  course). We rotate questions periodically from a bank of questions. Students are able to refer to the course material to answer the questions in the assignment only, if required.
The purpose of the course is to provide the educational requirements for obtaining an owner builder permit. It is intended that students gain an awareness and understanding of the building process.
How long will it take students to complete the assessment tool questionnaire?
Students have to complete the assignment and answer oral questions on each subject as a condition of the assessment tool. Students may refer to the course material to answer the questions.
What happens if the student fails to meet the assessment tool requirements?
A pass mark of 100% is necessary to satisfy our assessment requirements. If the student does not achieve a passing grade at their first attempt, they will be notified and retested following further study time. An additional fee of $65.00 is charged for a new test paper and remark of the assessment tool.
Who developed the course material?
The learners guides and assessment document was prepared by a practicing building consultant with 30 years building industry experience, Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, and numerous building and property industry formal qualifications.
He has worked in private and public work systems in many roles which include carpenter, building supervisor, construction estimator, building lecturer, building consultant, senior project manager, dispute resolution consultant, building inspector, and holds licenses as a builder.

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